First New Life Church

A Forever Family

Despise Not Small Beginnings ……… First New Life Missionary Baptist Church originated in Maricopa, Arizona in 1951. During this era a cluster of families would move near a cotton field and live in a one- or two-bedroom cabin during harvest time. When the crop was gathered, they relocated to another area.  The families were believers who wanted a new life.  They started a church  and Named it First New Life Missonary Baptist Church.  In organizing the church, Reverend Murray, Reverend Watt Jones, Reverend Holden, and Reverend Eastman asked for the assistance of  minister, Reverend Snowdon who had already established a church.  The church’s membership primarily consisted of two large families; Deacon Arch Anthony and Reverend Tommy Dew and his wife, their children and grandchildren. 

Because the church consisted of transit migrants families, there was a constant change of  leadership.
From 1951-1960 Rev. Watt Jones
1960 - 1961 - Rev. Otis Holden Sr.
1961-1962 - Rev. JT Eastman
1962-1963 - Rev. Floyd Tops
1963-1965 - Rev. Luther Granderson
1965-2004 - Bishop Henry L. Barnwell.

By the leading of the Lord and under the direction of Bishop Henry Barnwell, Pastor Aubrey was installed as Co-Pastor of First New Life on May 18, 2004. After a year of training the mantle of leadership was passed. May 28, 2005 Bishop Barnwell celebrated his transition to Pastor Emeritus; Pastor Aubrey became Senior Pastor of the First New Life Missionary Baptist Church.  

The spirit moved and the pastors followed the leading of the Spirit. The identity of the church changed over the years.  The church started as missionaries to the areas where they moved.  In 1990's the church operated under the "Full Gospel" Denomination.  Currently the church doesn't operate as a particular demoniation.  Therefore, in 2021The church was renamed"  First New Life.


"We are baptized disciples of Jesus Christ that prayerfully assemble to worship to study, share and serve depart to share the good news in speech and action."


A multi-generation, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural church of Jesus Christ that is a driving force in the community transforming lives through the power of the Holy Spirit, tremendously impacting economic, social and spiritual conditions.

Pastor Aubrey Barnwell

Pastor Aubrey Barnwell